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Horizontal selfie but whatevs. I post more on my instagraaam @theregoesgrecia

Ferguson Police shot this girl in the head last night for posting the Mike Brown issue on Facebook


You are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place.

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i’ve never seen police throw tear gas or shoot rubber bullets at Westboro Baptist protestors. 

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John Legend doesn’t take shit.


When police officers do something right it goes completely unnoticed, but when they do something wrong it’s never forgotten.

When police officers do something right it doesn’t get media attention because that’s their job. They took an oath to serve & protect their people. When a doctor successfully diagnoses a patient, when a surgeon saves a life, when a firefighter extinguishes a burning building, when a veterinarian helps nurse an animal back to health, all of this goes without recognition because that’s what we expect from these professionals that we are trusting to complete the task they have been through extensive training for. What’s going on isn’t just wrong, it’s terrorism.


We had an intense game of fetch today.
He was huffing and puffing and I had to take a photo!

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This is important to know. As we evolve, so does our external reality.
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I love this red dress ❤️
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